InShot is a free professional photo and video editor for smartphones and tablets. The development of gadgets and social networks has led to an increase in the number of programs working with media content. Almost every smartphone or tablet user has programs for changing and editing photos on their device. Now it is no longer possible to upload raw videos, photos without editing, etc. to social networks. To attract attention to their content, people use various editors, such as InShot. This program is unique in that it is endowed with a huge number of functions and possibilities for changing photos and videos. In addition to a variety of themes, filters and effects, you can use professional media content editing tools. Download the official version of the InShot app for free from our website.


The presented software product works on the following platforms:

  • Android - use the links on our website to download and install the utility on your smartphone or tablet running the Android operating system.
  • iOS - download the app on your iPhone or iPad and take advantage of all the features it provides.

Professional video editor

In this program, you can edit your videos like a real professional:

  • Change the speed of the video, speeding it up or slowing it down. You can change both individual segments of the video and the entire video as a whole.
  • Add stickers, text or pictures at certain time intervals on the video. The animation will appear at the moment where you add it.
  • Overlay additional photos or videos on top of an existing video clip. You can make it so that the second image will be on top of the video all the time or only for a certain specified period of time.
  • Chromakey. This function is suitable for those who are engaged in professional video editing and know how to work with a "green background". But even if you are new to this business, it will not take you much time to master this function.
  • Multiple video overlay modes on top of another. Change the transparency of layers to create interesting effects.

Photo Editor

  • Adding a background to photos, changing their size, cropping, fitting to the desired format.
  • The presence of many interesting filters and effects. The ability to add text to photos, as well as edit it. In addition to the text, add stickers and frames to decorate your photos.
  • Edit multiple photos at once. You can open up to 10 photos at a time and change them all at one time.
  • Create collages from photos.

Additional features

  • Add music from InShot libraries to your videos. In addition to the built-in audio recordings, you can upload your own songs from your device.
  • Extract the audio track from the video and save it in mp3 format to your device.
  • Voice-over and subtitle function.
  • Save photos and videos in high quality without watermark.


If you were looking for a high-quality program for editing your media content, then you have come to the right page. InShot will help to make your pictures and videos creative, interesting and memorable.